StackExchange Tag Data Collector Script (Using NodeJS)

Data is something we work with daily and in one of my experiment I required to get the list of Tags from StackExchange Websites. I figured out that having a NodeJS script to do this and update it back to MongoDB would be a great ideal. I would like to share the script for the same. The algirithm is as follows :-

  1. Collect the list of all the sites in StackExchange
  2. Hit the REST API with the appropriate URL of the site
  3. Save data to a MongoDB Store.

The list easily gives me thousands of Tags that I can easily use in my project. To see the code you can visit the Gist Here . Please install mongoose and superagent.

Click here to see the Script Gist

InfoVizGeek – Encyclopedia for Visualization Tools

InfoVizGeek is a project which talks about the different tools and technologies which would enable an individual to create data visualizations. This repository has a vast list of tools along with their licensing available. This is an exhaustive list and I would be glad to accept additional tools which you guys out there in community use.


I have been working on this in order to make my life easy and ended up in starting a community project to help all others seeking for help on the same. This project is Open and I ask everyone to have a look and contribute to the same. InfoVizGeek is for geeks who are passionate about  Information Visualization. The above Picture depicts the inspiration of Visualization Geek in making.

Check it out here on Github.

NotifyMe.js – A Simple Notification Library

NotifyMe is a simple JavaScript Library written in JavaScript and implements the Notificaiton Interface for Web. It’s still being built and some amazing features are being added to it. The best way is to use this library directly with your front end code and invoke it from multiple medium.


It can be well configured with Sockets and an example would soon be up for the same. Since its in version 1.0.0, the event handlers are not in place but basic notification can be triggered easily.

As depicted in the image, this notification can be easily brought into existence with minimum options and serves as a basic template for any kind of application that you might want to make.

Check it out here on Github.