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Opening Conference at Maker Faire Rome saw the advent of Arduino 101 & Genuino 101. These two are the same version of Arduino but in two different variants. Arduino 101 is for sale within US & Genuino 101 is for sales outside US.Arduino 101 & Genuino 101  was introduced to the entire crowd by the Senior

How to Create a new Flow Project?

Using Flow from day one in your project is helpful as one goes ahead with a JavaScript Project.  There are multiple ways in which Flow can be used in your existing project. In order to get started with the process, I assume that you would have already read through the introduction as well as the

Get Started With Facebook Flow

To get started with Flow, Lets first see the ways in which one would install Flow onto the system. The binaries are available for two different version of Operating System. In order install it and see the magic happen, go ahead and download the respective packages. Mac OS X Linux (64) Installation on Linux/Mac OS

Facebook Flow

Flow is a new Static Type Checker for JavaScript. Writing code in JavaScript is pretty expressive, each block of code is a symphony in itself. Still when a developer sits back to do some scripting, he/she often face the same problem what any JavaScript developer might have faced from years. So lets get to know

CoffeeScript Operators and Aliases

Operator and Aliases are the most exciting feature of CoffeeScript. We literally would fall in love with it as we get along using it. These make the code more readable and reliant. One can use it anywhere and the output is a more readable and efficient JavaScript. Give it a try and believe me your

CoffeeScript Objects and Arrays

This video explains the ways in which you can define Objects and Arrays in CoffeeScript. It literally translates to perfect JavaScript and you can see this live on an online IDE kind of environment.

NotifyMe.js – Now available for AngularJS

NotifyMe is now available for AngularJS as a service. After asking for some help from the community, a hero emerged throwing off few code snippets and Wow…. Now we have the AngularJS version of the NotifyMe library. This has been a step ahead for this small library and I truly Appreciate the effort put by Subash

CoffeeScript Function Declaration

This video gets you started with coffee script with no other tools required. CoffeeScript helps you in writing effective and efficient JavaScript. Its a small language which adds syntatical sugar to JavaScript. This particular video focuses in how to declare a function in CoffeeScript along with some variables. It also looks into default values for

How to write SwitchCase in CoffeeScript?

Switch Case is a programming construct and is pretty useful if you are trying to solve a particular problem that is dependent on a specific value. This video shows you how one can get along with switch case using CoffeeScript and believe me its really easy and effective when it converts to JavaScript. Have a

How does Implicit Typecasting Work in JavaScript?

Implicit Typecasting is a way in which JavaScript behaves while we use the comparison operators. Implicit typecasting leads to wrong results and at times could lead to almost untraceable errors. In order to avoid Implicit Typecasting its always recommended to Utilize the “===” or the “!==” operators. These operators help in proper comparison as well