Shiv Kumar Ganesh

Java in IoT Space – Java Magazine Oracle

While browsing few documents I just recollected that I have gone through Java Magazine that talked about IoT. This is a Free magazine and can be easily taken up for subscription from Oracle. This particular Edition talks about various places where Java has played a keen role and the way Java is enriching the entire

Sublime Text 3 – Selection Shortcuts

Without this feature an IDE is a waste. Selection shortcuts helps you to ease the task without much navigation and even without touching the mouse. I am a great fan of the keyboard shortcuts and would love to have as much as possible. Sublime Text 3 allows a user to adapt to it easily by

Sublime Text 3 – Command Palette

Command Palette is the core functionality that any Sublime IDE user dies for. This is a feature used by almost all developers and I bet you will fall in love with it. Command Palette is a feature rich functionality in Sublime Text Editor. You can use the Command Palette for various shortcut features. Most of

Sublime Text 3 – Comments

Writing comments is a big part of any programming language and some easy ways to write in comments definitely helps.Sublime Text 3 has pretty cool options for the same. These features help you to write comments at ease and make your life easy. The below video would help you learn how to use comment functionality

Sublime Text 3 – Installation

This entire section deals with understanding Sublime Text 3 and tells how to use the different features of Sublime Text. Sublime Text 3 is built using python and is an excellent IDE for any one. May be you are a Pro but believe me, this would change your life. In this edition, we would talk

Ninja Sphere

So you want a smart home without a smart phone. You also want to be a developer as well as a user. Good let’s get introduced to Ninja Sphere.Ninja Sphere comprises of both hardware as well as software platform designed to bridge the smart devices together and that too in cost effective manner. It enables you

LightBlue Bean+, Arduino with built in Bluetooth

Bean+ is now becoming a best friend of developers around. If you are not one of those who would venture into the wild to study about protocols and take efforts then this board is for you. Send commands to the board using Bluetooth LE. So next time you want to update your program, what you

Google’s Project Soli

Meet Soli, a radar based wearable to control anything. This technology literally blows our minds. Soli is created in Google ATAP  and was portrayed in Google I/O and left people amazed. Its a food of thought for future of User Experience, Interaction Design and IoT. It would change the way world interacts with the surroundings.

WunderBar [Iot Kit to Get Started With]

WunderBar, as the website says is made for software developers. It has all the basic amenities required for any developer to directly venture into any kind of connected world projects. Its a perfect prototyping kit for any individual. Since its pretty easy to get started, you dont need to be an electronic engineer to do

10 Kits – Get started with IoT

So where are the best kits to get started with IoT. I have found out top ten kits that can get anyone started with hacking out with IoT and some real Hardware. Hardware selection is a critical part of any IoT related project. But I was thinking about giving a brief about what kind of