Normalize.css (V3) Consistency at its best

CSS normalization is difficult but from a very minimalist point of view, this can be rendered very easily. We have been using Normalize.css from a long time. It’s a customization file that makes the browser render all the elements more consistently and in line with modern standards.

It takes into consideration the various differences in browsers defaults and for any beginner, this is a heaven.

The different things that can be achieved using the Normalize.css are as follows:-

  1. Wide range of elements have Normalized styles
  2. Bugs correction and removes inconsistencies.
  3. Increase Usability
  4. Highly customizable to edit according to ones convenience.

Has a good browser support for browsers such as:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Mozilla Firefox ESR
  4. Opera
  5. Apple Safari
  6. IE 8+

Check it out on Github

Courtesy Image : CodeJobs

Project Avatar.js – NodeJS on JVM(Java Virtual Machine)

Tired of being just a JavaScript programmer or an enterprise developer by just using Java. Here comes JDK8 with Nashorn as well as project Avatar.js . Avatar project brings the node programming model, API’s and module ecosystem to Java Platform. Now the developers can have new state of art application by using the world’s two most used programming language, Namely Java-JavaScript. This is a start of an era of hybrid apps and would revolutionize the world by utilizing the two environments.

It would help you to access the latest modules in node ecosystem and also give you the power of scalability, consistency and would also enable you to utilize the different collections. It would actually mean that you can drive the two beast with one stick.

NodeJS + JavaScript
NodeJS + JavaScript

When we have a look at the above image, its evident that it still follows the same event queue model but apart from running on node environment it runs on Nashorn as well is being supported by Avatar.js .

It would enable to you to write fully scalable and maintainable applications on the fly. Since everything is on JVM we can track each and every activity on it. So now you can get the ease of JavaScript with the sustainability of Java.

Courtesy: Image from Oracle

Push Button Control – Lesson 2.1(Digital)

For this tutorial, we would again use Autodesk’s 123D Circuits. Here the aim of the entire process is to switch on and off a button by just using a push button. Lets see the construction of the circuit and then try to upload the script to run it. Here we would keel the digital pin 13 on a low state and change it to high whenever the button is pushed. Let’s look at the video for the same.

Once you are through the video. Lets have a look at the code.

Above we can see that we have declared two constants  for PIN13 and PIN2 and have kept the PIN13 as output pin and PIN2 as the input. After this whenever the button state goes HIGH we glow the LED and when its LOW we darken it. A simple program to understand the operating of the LED at PIN 13.



What and Where is Internet Of Things(IOT)

Recently I had been to SRM University for IOT presentation for 1st and 2nd year bachelors students. It was very challenging to even carve out the presentation for them. I realized that they require more of a visual stuff rather than technical explanation. I did device slides in order to make it easy for people to have a look and get a broader picture of the entire space. Hope you too find the slides interesting and any first time visitor can see the scope of work in one shot.

Positioning and Motion Information for Arduino

I stumbled upon Pozyx, easy to use and affordable indoor and outdoor motion and position information system for Arduino.  It uses wide band technologies for positioning and is pretty accurate when it comes to identifying and locating objects. It has accurate motion sensor, magnetometers and acceleration sensors.

Wireless messaging is a key behind hassle free communication which it is good at.

Where can it be used. Actually several places. I found that the project details itself gives plethora of information. Have a look below.

You can check the project out here.

Courtesy : Image has been taken from here.

JavaScript ES6 – Interesting Link about features of ES6

Guys while browsing Github I found an interesting repository about features of ES6. The repository is maintained by Luke Hoban and the Repository is ES6Features . This repository contains most of the important features along with explanation on the same. It covers the topics such as:

Hope this attracts most of you JavaScript developers out there. Its and exciting era of change and lets ride it.

JavaScript for Physical World – DeviceJS

DeviceJS is a Jquery for IOT world. It’s built on top of NodeJS and already supports the most common protocols like Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth etc. It has capability to easily connect to most of the IOT systems across the domain. It also helps in rapid creation of NodeJS based web application which can scale to a huge extent.

DeviceJS has Numerous capabilities that it adds to the system:-

  • A distributed JSON database that updates live intoDeviceJS runtime
  • An Object based API
  • Service hooks
  • Asynchronous JavaScript

If you are familiar with JavaScript and Jquery you would feel at home for sure. For example for turning on all the lights, a simple code snippet can work like follows:

Same way as Jquery has events we can have events also defined in DeviceJS as follows:

A selector based model  can help a lot to get along with the model. For example:

I would ask you have a look at DeviceJS and try it out with Arduino or Raspberry PI so as to have a feel of it.

Meet Johnny-Five an IOT Framework in JavaScript(NodeJS)

JavaScript Robotics and IoT programming framework, developed at Bocoup. Based on Arduino Firmata Protocol. Jonny-Five has changed the way we see IOT using NodeJS. It’s an evolution in technology and is capable to work with all major IOT devices out there. To list a few:

  1. All versions of Arduino
  2. RaspberryPI
  3. Beagle Bone
  4. Many More…

Now if you ask what do you get from Jonny-Five? I would rather answer that it has a baseline for hardware programming with a consistent and easy to use API. So since Jonny-Five provides a  baseline kit and one can build over it, its possible to combine multiple flavours of JavaScript frameworks to get some awesome results.

Have a look at a simple LED Blink program

Blink Output

It feels like home seeing such an API for Embedded Systems development. Every JavaScript developer would be happy to see this.

You can find the further documentations here.

JavaScript Robotics Framework – Cylon

Cylon.js is a upcoming Robotic framework written in JavaScript and is available at the npm(Node Package Manager). It supports almost 36 different platforms and is really awesome to work with. It helps you to do physical computing and also enables us with IOT.

It supports I2C(Inter Integrated Circuits) using cylon-i2c module. It has an unbiased support for MQTT, HTTP and SocketIO. It is easy to use since it’s support declarative syntax but on the other hand it also has a Fluent way of programming which is being adopted by the developers at a good pace.

So if you have ever had a dream to build a bot or may be a machine to fly. This should be your choice of technology.

It is really simple to install. Just type the following command

To get started with Arduino and a simple blink program type the below mentioned code.

Last stage is to compile and run, use the following to compile and run the code.

You can look at the exhaustive tutorials here.

The Famous Blink – Lesson 1

Lets have a look at the famous Program which is almost the hello world of Arduino’s world. Since I mostly talk about cheap and inexpensive way of learning, I would like to start this entire thing up with Autodesk 123D Circuits.

So lets get started with the remarkable Blink application. The easiest way to make this is to follow the video below :-

The code for the same is mentioned below:-

You can see the same setup here

I wont be diving into the code much for this time and hope your Journey had a humble start.